EXHIBITORS’ COMMENTS 2018-07-26T16:13:59+02:00


“We are very satisfied with MeetingLuxury and with the quality of the meetings we had. The profiles of the buyers have been very good and the organization was professional and effective.”
Grand Hotel des Iles des Borromees – Stresa, Italy

“An opinion about MeetingLuxury? We’re very happy of having participated, we have made all the scheduled appointments and much more.”
Maldive Static Tours – Malè, Republic of Maldives

“A winning initiative. Very good the quality of the meetings and the timetable, during MeetingLuxury we had 83 meetings, all of them of absolute quality.”
Hotel Villa Principe Leopoldo – Lugano, Switzerland

“We have managed to conclude over 80 business meetings. We are really very satisfied, our compliments to MeetingLuxury and its innovative organization formula”
The Russelior – Hammamet, Tunisia

“We take part in MeetingLuxury for the second time because the results obtained have been good. The answer has been significant here and after the exhibition, and having seen the buyer’s quality we are sure this year will be the same.”
African Legend Safaris – Nairobi, Kenya

“The buyers we met were interesting and, above all, interested. The business typologies of the professionals we met went from leisure to incentive, and we managed to make about 100 meetings: a real success”
Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola – Lugano, Switzerland

“Really very good. Satisfied with the buyers we met as well as with the number of the meetings we made”
Grand Hotel Villa Argentina – Dubrovnik, Croatia

“MeetingLuxury? It is the second time we participate and even this year our positive opinion on the exhibition has been confirmed”.
Enterprise Hotel – Milano, Italy

“We are fully satisfied with this MeetingLuxury edition. We concluded about 80 meetings and the quality of the buyers seems to have been improved with respects to last year”
Swiss Diamond Hotel Olivella – Lugano, Switzerland

“The difference of Meeting Luxury, respect to other luxury tourism events, is that it offers more intimacy and tranquillity to all the involved professionals, the perfect consitions to make business”
Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois – Basel, Switzerland